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Pauline Parochkina

Pauline Parochkina

Media Buyer
Role: Site Support Manager for

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have become one of the most radiant events in the history of our country. Lots of people, no doubt, dreamed of taking part in organizing such a grand event.

It so happened that I got to work at the finish line of the Sochi 2014 project — the site of the Olympic Winter Games.

«I regard this as my own little victory!»

It was scary and exciting at the same time, because this was my first experience as a project manager. It wasn’t always easy, but thanks to our fabulous team it wasn’t hard to deal with whatever came up. Besides the vivid memories and priceless experience, the project also gave me good friends who are always there with a kind word or sound advice. «I regard this as my own little victory!»

In recognition of your commitment to the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014

Tomas Bach IOC President