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Ekaterina Makeeva

Ekaterina Makeeva

Project Manager
Role: Project Manager of the Olympic ecosystem and sites

For me it all started quite suddenly. They walked up to me and said: «You’re now leading Sochi 2014.» I was overcome by mixed feelings — on the one hand — «Oh my God, what an honor! I’m going to do the Olympic Games», and on the other hand — «Oh my God! I’M GOING TO DO THE OLYMPIC GAMES». Over the first week I got an interesting idea of the scale and magnitude of the work. And then I transitioned to the small victories every day, which turned into one big win.

«That feeling when you realize it's working out beyond your wildest dreams»

If they were to offer me a project like this again I’d do it, no second thoughts! The scope of the project was breathtaking, the people were extremely interesting, and every day brought new challenges. And that atmosphere! And in just a few sleepless months, that feeling when you realize it’s working out beyond your wildest dreams. The most important thing that I learned from the project is to never give up, not for anything. And even when those around you throw up their hands and fall apart, you need to keep it all together and carry on, because everything depends on us.

I want to give a huge thank you to all my colleagues on this project for their support and professionalism. It’s too bad that the Games are over.

In recognition of your commitment to the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014

Tomas Bach IOC President