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Dasha Kembrina

Dasha Kembrina

Project Manager
Role: "Accessibility Map" Project Manager

I can’t say what it is that sticks with me the most:
Frothy waves, the soft February sun or the anticipation of something exciting in the air.

I had never seen Sochi before, and I don’t know what the city was like before, but I felt like it had changed.

«What lingers on is that staunch childish feeling of confidence that what lies ahead is something very exciting and is only for us»

Traveling to Sochi

There was a lot of signage, volunteer stations, ramps for the disabled. Visitors and residents of the city dressed in clothing with symbols of the Games. Children and adults wore hats as talismans, and at almost every turn you could buy some kind of souvenir of this unforgettable moment in the life of our country.

The changes were also felt in the people. Everyone was looking forward to something: whether it was a spectacular performance in the Olympic Park, a delicious barbecue over at the quay or new victories of our team. We had all come such a long way to this event that we didn’t immediately figure out what to expect now that it was happening. There was only a childish unwavering sense of confidence that something very exciting is ahead of us and that it is especially for us.

In recognition of your commitment to the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014

Tomas Bach IOC President