Sochi 2014. The main web-site of the country

Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova

Web Developer
Role: Developer of the site

Over the past few years I’ve devoted a lot of time to the Sochi 2014 project: The entire team and I made the main site and theme-based sites. It was very interesting, in some places difficult, and in others — easy. But we coped and I don’t remember any particularly critical moments. I personally worked on the project for the last site, the Cultural Olympiad.

In February, they decided to send me on a trip to Sochi to assist in the maintenance of the site during the Paralympic Games. This was quite unexpected, everything happened quickly. Access and passwords were urgently required, but were obtained without any hassle. It was a lesson in inner wisdom, and the next two weeks merged into one big change. We worked in the Technology Center, and in our free time we ate shashlik and walked by the sea.

«We succeeded in something that has never been done in Russia before»

Traveling to Sochi

The Games were awesome! I had time to visit the Olympic Park a few times for competitions and to spend time in the mountains. There was not enough time for everything, but I remember each trip with positive emotions and pride for the homeland.

I think that we’re real troopers! «We succeeded in something that has never been done in Russia before» We owe a lot to our rigorous organization, flexibility and skills. Thank you to all my colleagues!

In recognition of your commitment to the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014

Tomas Bach IOC President