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Konstantin Lekh

Konstantin Lekh

Development Manager
Role: Development Manager of the Olympic ecosystem sites

The impressions start right in the plane: it approached the landing flying very low over the sea, as if it was gliding across the water.

When you arrive at the Olympic Park, it takes your breath away: it’s enormous! The Torch, the arenas, the fountain — just incredible.

For me, Sochi 2014 began with Kaliningrad — we went there to learn a new platform. Then there were a lot of design and business trips to Adler on test events and then the months rolled by and it was already time for the Games themselves.

«This was a challenge not only for the athletes, but for the developers: in many respects we were pioneers, and we made it happen!»

Traveling to Sochi

What was great was that I happened to celebrate my birthday the day before the fireworks over Fischt and the lighting of the Torch. The Games sped by in leaps and bounds: the biathlon, halfpipe, hockey, the short track, charming volunteers interspersed with a storm of emotions and twelve-hour work shifts in the technology centers.

In general, this project was a huge impetus to the entire team in terms of developing our skills. We studied new technologies and developed a lot of features, some of them were among the first in Russia!

A crazy two weeks passed as if it was just one day, and then it was time for the Closing Ceremony. When the audience gathered in the hall, the lights went out and the clock began the ten-minute countdown as 40,000 people joined together in a huge wave. Picture this: Forty thousand people for ten minutes undulating in a non-stop wave across the stadium — the noise flattens your ears, it’s an indescribable feeling.

These Games will be remembered for a long time: they were long-awaited, deep, emotional.

In recognition of your commitment to the XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014

Tomas Bach IOC President